KS Distribution Pte Ltd


The KS Distribution Proposition

The rationale for the establishment of KS Distribution is to provide customers with more products, faster deliveries, better quality of service and value for money.

Key factors why customers should choose KS Distribution.



Better Quality

Value for Money

With enhanced in-house technical team and better product knowledge, KS Distribution can solve problems faster and more effectively for our customers. We can offer faster deliveries and on-site services due to our presence in major, strategic locations. KS Distribution offers more products & services from an integrated platform. We can also have a greater regional coverage for more effective product sourcing. We have dedicated teams in overseas offices trained for equipment sourcing. With our team of in-house product specialists and collaborative partnerships with our principals, KS Distribution can give better quality of solutions to customers As an integrated company, KS Distribution offers different alternative brands for the same products to match customer’s budget.KS Distribution can also provide consolidated logistics services for customers through our own in-house logistics company.