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About Us

KS Distribution’s wholly-owned subsidiary, KS Flow Control Pte Ltd (“KSFC”) specializes in supplying high-grade components and accessories, as well as the provision of innovative solutions on instrumentation and process flow. It also supplies capital equipment such as offshore piling hammer and cranes. Some of the brands and agencies represented by KSFC include Parker, Enerpac, Sandvik, Velan, Menck, Seatrax, James Walker Moorflex and Alfagomma.

The KS Flow Control Group also includes GlobalTech Offshore & Marine Pte Ltd (“GOM”) which is a major stockist and supplier of copper nickel, duplex/super duplex pipes, fittings and flanges besides other materials such as titanium, nickel alloy and 6Mo. GOM also provides automation systems integration solutions for marine, offshore, oil & gas control systems. Some of the brands and agencies represented by GOM include Samyang, Dong Hwa and Nordic Flow Control.

Our Facilities

KSFC has sales office & warehousing facilities in 17 & 19 Jurong Port Rd. KSFC also has a Parker Store in Singapore and Batam.

GlobalTech Offshore & Marine Pte Ltd is a major stockholder and regional supplier of pipeline components and engineering products for the Marine and Offshore Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Chemical industries.

Our People

KSFC has a team of highly dedicated and professional sales personnel that are available to respond to your enquiries 24/7. We also have a team of highly trained application engineers that can assist and value add to your technical requirements and a team of highly dedicated warehousing personnel that are ready to make deliveries possible 24/7.

Global Clientèle

KSFC serves a global customer base that includes drilling contractors, shipyards, ship owners and managers, refineries, EPC contractors, multi industries such as semiconductor, pharmaceutical and power generation.

Our Certifications

Qualifying as TRACE Intermediary Member is KSFC testimony of commercial transparency to invaluable customers, business partners and associates.  The accreditation also signified KSFC commitment, sincerity and professionalism to bring rewarding benefits to all parties concerned; short, mid as well as long term. Click to view copy of KSFC’s TRACE Intermediary Member Certification.

Since the oil spillage in Gulf of Mexico, the awareness and demand for quality assurance and compliance of requirement is ever more stringent. In line with legislative necessity to satisfy customer needs, KSFC is pleased to announce, having gone through unbending audit…the company has qualified itself to comply with the obligation of ISO9001:2008. Click to view copy of KSFC’s ISO9001:2008 Certification.

At KSFC, we are committed towards creating a safe and healthy working environment for our employees which will undoubtedly lead to continuous work flow and ensuring timely delivery, without upsetting customer job/project schedule.  In essence, KSFC asserted the necessity…hence, thrust ahead to qualify itself for WSHC recognition. Click to view copy of KSFC’s WSHC Certification.

Being conferred as “Singapore 1000 Company Emerging 2010” is indeed a recognition of KSFC’s achievement in quantitative management. We take this achievement to continue to forge alliance and further strengthen partnership among business associates to better serve customer needs. Click to view copy of KSFC’s Singapore 1000 Award Achievement Certification.

Click to view the copy of  KSFC’s LRQA ISO9001:2015 Certification.

Products & Services

Products & Services

Hydraulics Components & Instrumentation
Parker – Instrumentation

The Instrumentation Group makes excellence and innovation possible with its high quality instrumentation components for a full range of applications.

Key Products

  • Analytical systems
  • Flouropolymer fittings, valves, pumps & regulators
  • High purity fittings, valves, pumps & regulators
  • Instrumentation fittings, valves, manifolds & regulators
  • Medium/high pressure fittings & valves


Parker – Fluid Connectors

The Fluid Connectors Group offers the most complete line of fluid connector products and services for hydraulics, pneumatic and fluid systems, making it the complete source for a one-stop fitting.

Key Products

  • Brass fittings & valves
  • Hose couplings
  • Industrial hoses
  • Quick disconnects
  • Rubber & thermoplastic hoses
  • Tube fittings & adaptors
  • Tubing & plastic fittings


Parker – Pneumatic

The Automation Group is a leading supplier and the only manufacturer to offer a choice of pneumatic and electromechanical components and systems to automation customers worldwide.

Key Products

  • Actuators and air motors
  • Air preparation units
  • Fittings & tubes
  • Mechanical & solenoid valves
  • Vacuum controls & sensors


Parker – Industrial Controls

The Climate & Industrial Controls Group designs, manufactures and markets system-control and solenoid valves for a multitude of industrial applications.

Key Products

  • 3-way & 4-way valves for actuator control
  • Electro-pneumatic pressure regulators
  • Fieldbus manifold systems
  • General application solenoid valves

Compression Fittings – Download Brochure

High Pressure Fittings – Download Brochure

Fittings,Materials and Tubing Guide – Download Brochure

Hose & Equipment – Download Brochure

KSFC Parker      Parker PneumaticParker Industrial Controls

Enerpac is the recognised global market leader in high pressure hydraulics tools and Bolting equipments.Manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders, pumps, valves, presses, tools, bolting tools, accessories and system components suited for a vast variety of industries and applications.

Enerpac has the complete range of high quality force tools for all industrial application.

Enerpac Hydraulic Tools

  • Maximum working pressure: 10, 000 psi
  • Manual/electrical/air hydraulic pumps
  • Single-acting/double-acting cylinders

Enerpac Bolting Tools

  • Maximum working pressure: 11, 600 psi
  • Torque rating: 0 to 20, 000 Ft. lbs

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KSFC Enerpac
KSFC Enerpac


KSFC Enerpac

Industrial Hoses

  • Acids, chemical & multi-purpose
  • Compressed air
  • Hot water & steam
  • Water and liquids

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Hydraulic Hoses

  •  Size: 1/4” to 2”
  •  Working pressure: 0 to 6, 550 psi
KSFC Alfagomma

Ametek U.S. Gauge produces the world’s finest pressure and temperature gauges designed to withstand the high purity, corrosive and toxic gases in the semi-conductor and petrochemical industries.

Key Products

  • General purpose gauges
  • High purity gauges and switches
  • Liquid-fillable pressure gauges
  • Process gauges, solid front (solfront)
  • Special application gauges
Ametek AmetekAmetek
Valves & Actuation

ITT Engineered Valves is a leading global supplier with 60 years of experience in the development, design, manufacture, installation and automation of a variety of valve types. Engineered Valves innovations in gas, fluid, solids and slurry flow control valves are essential to the operation of many critical service industries that require products that have been Engineered for life.

Product offering includes diaphragm, ball, plastic lined, safety shut-off, knife gate, slurry, slide gate, wedge gate, butterfly, recycle/reject and actuated valves. Markets served include Chemical (CPI), Power Generation, Nuclear, Mining, Oil Sands, Pulp & Paper, Water Treatment, Pollution Control, Food & Beverage, Process and General Industrial.

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ITT Valves

Velan is a world-leader in the design and production of a wide range of cast and forged steel gate, globe, check, ball, triple-offset butterfly, knife gate, highly engineered severe service valves, and steam traps offering superior performance across all major industrial applications.

Velan offers one of the most comprehensive valve product lines available from any manufacturer. From the most common application to the most severe, Velan has a solution. We produce gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly, knife gate, and engineered severe service valves and steam traps in sizes up to 64″ (1600 mm) and for services up to ASME Class 4500.

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Velan Valves

Velan ValvesVelan Valve Certificate
ABO Valve 

ABO valve is currently one of the largest European manufacturers of shut-off and control valves for industrial applications. We offer to our customers a wide scope of products which covers butterfly valves for general and industrial use including high performance valves with double and triple offset, knife gate and ball valves as well as safety valves for the most demanding applications.

We emphasize quality and innovation. Our valves have obtained several different European and international certificates like TUV, GOST R, AD 2000, DVGW or Lloyd’s Register. The manufacturing facilities are certified by the ISO 9001, which ensures high quality of the products and their durability, as well as the meeting of safety regulations.

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ABO Valve

ABO Valve
Nordic Flow Control

Incorporated in 1998, Nordic Flow Control is a global manufacturer and system integration solutions provider for Marine, Oil and Gas control systems.

Product List

  • Valve Remote Control Systems
  • Tank Gauging Systems
  • Anti Heeling Systems
  • Loading Computer Systems
  • Automatic Ballast Exchange Systems
  • Alarm Monitoring Systems
  • Vessel Remote Access Systems

Nordic Flow Control

Valve Remote Control System - Download Brochure

Tank Gauging System – Download Brochure

Anti Heeling System – Download Brochure

Loading Computer System – Download Brochure

Automated Ballast Exchange System – Download Brochure



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Weir Valve
Offshore Piling Hammers and Accessories
 Menck (an Acteon company)

  • Integrated system for offshore piling systems
  • Hydraulic lines & winches
  • On deck power packs (MHP)
  • Patented deepwater power packs (MHP DWS)
  • Highly-qualified service technicians
  • Project management and engineering services
  • Complete after-market care including mantainance, spare parts and fleet management

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KSFC Menck Hydraulic Hammer
Offshore & Marine Cranes

  • Cranes for Jack-up units, Offshore platforms, Drilling vesels, FPSOs, Semi-subs, Liftboats and Barges
  • Patented KingPost Design
  • API 2C specification, 7th edition
  • Uncomplicated and easily maintained offshore crane that is cost effective to own and operate

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Seatrax Crane
Pipes, Tubes & Fittings

Sanvik Materials Technology is a world-leading manufacturer of high value-added products in advanced stainless steels and special alloys among others.

Seamless Tubes & Pipes

  • Sandvik steel grade 3R60 (TP 316/316L) contains a minimum of 2.5% molybdenum which greatly improves corrosion resistance
  • A wide assortment of steel grades

Electo-polished Products

  • Calamo tubes and fittings for ultra high-purity tube systems
  • For gas & liquid supply in semi-conductor & pharmaceutical installations

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Sandvik Stainless Steel
Sandvik Seamless Tubes and PipesSandvik Electo-polished Products
Samyang Metal

Since 1981,  SAMYANG Metal is a world’s premier Cu and Cu-Ni alloy fitting and flange manufacturer, which has continued a leading role in the marine industrial development of South Korea for the past 30 years by supplying quality non-ferrous products at lowest reasonable prices.

Product List

  • Pipes & Tubes
  • Finned Tube
  • Bar Stock
  • Fittings
  • Butt Welding Type Fittings
  • Socket Welding Type Fittings
  • Capillary Fittings
  • Miscellaneous for Cupro Nickel
  • Flanges
  • Composite Type Flanges (Cu-Ni, AL/BR)
  • Solid Type Flanges (Cu-Ni)
  • Composite Type Flanges (Cu Alloy)
  • Solid Type Flanges (Cu Alloy)

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Samyang Metal



Product Enquiry

Samyang Metal FittingsSamyang Pipes and TubesSamyang Pipes and Tubes
Dong Hwa TCA

DONG HWA TCA CO., LTD (DHTCA) was established in 1979 to manufacture copper and copper alloy products and have been supplying it to the various field of industry such as Shipbuilding, Heating coil, Heat exchanger, Desalination plants, Petrol-chemistry equipment, etc.

Product List

  • Copper Tubes
  • Brass Tubes
  • Al-Brass Tubes
  • Copper Nickel Tubes
  • Copper Chromium Tubes
  • Copper Bars
  • Heat Transfer Tubes
  • Copper Chromium Bars
  • Stainless Tube (Seamless)

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Dong Hwa




Product Enquiry

Dong Hwa Copper Brass Al-Brass TubesCopper Nickel TubesDong Hwa Metal Equipments
Alfa Laval

  • Sanitary fittings & tubes

Download Brochure

Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval Sanitary fittings and tubes
White Knight

White Knight is a recognised world leader in designing and manufacturing award-winning zero-metal, air-operated Teflon pumps of ultra-high purity and lasting reliabilty. It continues to be an industry leader in product innovation.

Key Products

  • 5 to 30 gpm (20 to 120 litres) pumps
  • Comes in full Teflon or Teflon polypropolene

White Knight

White Knight Pumps
Sealing Solution
Parker – Seal & O-Ring

The Seal Group offers thousands of standard and custom precision- engineered sealing devices and related products of superior quality for industrial and commercial applications.

Key Products

  • Elastomeric o-rings
  • Extruded & precision-cut/fabricated elastomeric seals
  • Homogeneous & inserted elastomeric shapes & diaphragms
  • Metal & plastic retained composite seals
  • Polymeric & plastic dynamic seals
  • Rubber & plastic boots/bellows
  • Thermoplastic engineered seals
Parker Seal and O-rings
James Walker Moorflex

James Walker Moorflex gaskets set the standard sealing technology excellence worldwide. A Moorflex gasket guarantees a pipe or valve connection is safe, strong, and reliable.

Key Products

  • Custom Designed Gaskets
  • Flange Insulation Sets
  • Kammprofile Gaskets
  • Metal Ring Joint Gaskets
  • Spiral Wound Gaskets

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James Walker Moorflex

Product Enquiry

James Walker GasketsJames Walker Gaskets

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Contact Information

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Fax 65 – 6415 0809
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